Club Championships

2017 Club Championships

The 2017 Club Championships were a huge success again this year with two full weekends of competition tennis and a larger turn out than 2016. This year we were blessed with fabulous weather. Many great matches were played with the last Sunday a showcase of fantastic finals. A large crowd gathered to watch the finals with a BBQ and refreshments available. Thank you to all the members who turned out to play this year and continue to make this event the wonderful success that it is.

 Mens Finalists Tom and Enzo

Mens Finalists Tom McGrath and Enzo Aguiard

RESULTS For 2017

Open Mens Singles Winner Tom McGrath
Open Mens Singles Finalist Enzo Aguiard
Open Ladies Singles Winner Danni Skiba
Open Ladies Singles Finalist Anuschka Reinhardt
Open Mens Doubles Winners Jedrek Hagedorn & Yannick Zapf
Open Mens Doubles Finalists Nicholas Busuttil & Stuart McCurdy
Open Ladies Doubles Winners Danni Skiba & Estelle Suys
Open Ladies Doubles Finalists Anuschka Reinhardt & Janice Lacy
Open Mixed Doubles Winners Travis Toner & Danni Skiba
Open Mixed Doubles Finalists Tom McGrath & Melanie Lasslett
Presidents Mens Singles Winner Regan May
Presidents Mens Singles Finalist Daniel Micevski
Presidents Ladies Singles Winners Belinda Ortika
Presidents Ladies Singles Finalists Keilah Shepherd
Presidents Mens Doubles Winners Simon Ireland & Andrew Johnston
Presidents Mens Doubles Finalists Damen Mendel & Daniel Micevski
Presidents Ladies Doubles Winners Belinda Ortika & Susan White
Presidents Ladies Doubles Finalists Silvia Lasslett & Natalie Walsh
Presidents Mixed Doubles Winners Daniel Micevski & Susan White
Presidents Mixed Doubles Finalists Damen Mendel & Belinda Ortika
Open Vets Mens Singles Winner Rob McRae
Open Vets Mens Singles Finalist Tim Callanan
Open Vets Mens Doubles Winners Michael Furey & Anthony Malkoun
Open Vets Mens Doubles Finalists Kevin Walsh & Ross Wilkinson
Open Vets Ladies Doubles C/P Winner Trish Lowe
Open Vets Ladies Doubles C/P Finalist Jenny Pearson
Open Vets Mixed Doubles R/R Winners Ross Wilkinson & Caryle Demarte
Open Vets Mixed Doubles R/R Finalists Neil Oborn & Trish Lowe
President Vets Mens Singles Winner Kevin Walsh
President Vets Mens Singles Finalist John Maher
President Vets Mixed Doubles C/P Winner Kevin Dalach
President Vets Mixed Doubles C/P Finalist Anita Sedgwick
16 & U Boys Singles Winner Jack Maughan
16 & U Boys Singles Finalist William Sturge
14 & U Boys Singles Winner William Marshall
14 & U Boys Singles Finalist Bailey Liu
14 & U Boys Doubles R/R Winners William Marshall & Lachlan Setina
14 & U Boys Doubles R/R Finalists Bailey Lui & Kevin Nguyen
12 & U Boys Singles Winner Lachlan Setina
12 & U Boys Singles Finalist Kevin Nguyen
10 & U Boys Singles Winner Jordan Nguyen
10 & U Boys Singles Finalist Hugo Johnsto