Our committee is voluntary and is the key to our success. We are fortunate in having a variety of experienced members who understands our community’s needs and are willing and committed to helping our club prosper. With approximately 500 members and many more players coming through the doors each week our committee is constantly searching for solutions to meet the needs of all our clientele for our wonderful club and local communities.

We are always seeking new ideas and input so if you think you have something to contribute you are most welcome to join our committee or offer your ideas and support. Volunteering is a rewarding and valuable aspect of our clubs success and daily function.

Committee meetings are held on the third Monday of every Month at 7pm in the main facility.

Meet this year's tennis Committee Members who kindly volunteer their time to make our club really work. The RPTC tennis committee is comprised of players all of whom are local community residents and most of whom have normal work commitments.






 Jason  Troy
Anthony   Vignesh Wilkinson Committee Photo


Jason Vochala; Peter Gyori